South Coast

South Coast

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  • Ai-Petri Cable Car Road
  • Cable Car Road “Miskhor – Ai-Petri” is one of the attractive sights one should not miss while visiting Crimea. The breath-taking ascend to the height of more than 3200 ft. above the wonderful scenery is a really charming sight.
    Some moments ago you were near the sea, and 15 minutes later you are atop of Ai-Petri Plateau.

  • Armenian Church in Yalta
  • Armenian Church in Yalta slightly resembles an ancient Rhipsime temple (7th -12th cc.) in Etchmiadzin. A temple, built within 1909-1914 by architect Gabriel Ter-Mikaelyan under sketches of a famous painter Varges Surenyants, stands on a steep mountain slope. The central entrance of the Church is smartly designed.

  • Beketov House-Museum
  • House-Museum of the academician of architecture A. N. Beketov is a building by the prominent Ukrainian architect whose talented works one can see in many Ukrainian cities.

  • Embankment of Yalta
  • Lenin’s Embankment – is a central promenade street of Yalta, one of the oldest streets of this city. The embankment is framed with palm-trees and is filled with continuous rows of attractions, bars, cafes, and restaurants. Different architectural styles are merged in the Embankment, it is plated with polychrome red granite and light-grey porphyry.

  • Foros Park
  • Park of Foros with its famous Paradise area is one of the main attractions and treasures of Foros town. Six very beautiful artificial lakes located at various levels are all framed with centennial cypresses, yew-trees, cedars, and Judas-trees.

  • Glade of Fairy-Tales
  • Above Yalta, beyond the South-Coastal Highway, there is “Glade of Fairy-Tales”, located in a forest-grown ravine. It is a museum of sculpture and flora studies, as well as of national decoration art. There is an open-air exhibition of more than 300 sculptures belonging to various fairy-tale characters and made of wood, decorative stone, acrylic glass, copper, aluminum, moss, and other materials.

  • House-Museum of Anton Chekhov in Yalta
  • In 1898 doctors recommended that Anton Chekhov should permanently live in Yalta together with his mother and sister Maria. One year later he had a house built in a village of Verkhnyaya Ashutka on Yalta’s outskirts. Teachers and doctors came to visit him and asked advice, and ill people asked for help. His ‘White dacha’ was visited by numerous outstanding writers and other masters of art.

  • In the old Streets of Gurzuf
  • It is an unforgettable pleasure to have a slow walk along old streets of Gurzuf, observing old houses built long before the Russian Revolution of 1917. Sometimes one can lost one’s way in these intricate streets. The townlet of Gurzuf occupies relatively small area – one can go around all its streets within two hours. The most aged seaside part of Gurzuf managed to preserve its Middle Age atmosphere.

  • Kharaks Palace
  • Ruins of the Roman fortress Kharaks of the 1st – 2nd centuries CE built on the place of the fortified settlement of ancient Tauris were discovered during the excavations on Ay-Todor Cape.

  • Literary Memorial Museum of S. N. Sergeyev-Censkiy in Alushta
  • The museum is situated in the house, where the famous writer, academician Sergey Nikolayevich Sergeyev-Censkiy lived and worked from 1906 till 1941 and then from 1946 till 1958.

  • Literary-Memorial Museum of Lesya Ukrainka in Yalta
  • Ukrainian woman-poet Lesya Ukrainka was ill with bone tuberculosis from her childhood. The disease made her live in the south, including Crimea. During her first visit in Yalta she stayed in hotel “Mariino”, and then moved to a house on 8, Ekaterininskaya St., where now we can observe an exhibition telling about her life and creative work in Crimea.

  • Museum of I. S. Shmelev in Alushta
  • It is the only museum of this prominent Russian writer on the CIS-territory.

  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden is a complex scientific and research establishment. It is the most famous and popular park of the Crimean Southern Coast. The Garden combines nature, history, art, and science. Its collection possesses some 30 thousands plants from all over the world. The Garden is located at the Southern coast of Crimea between Nikita village and the Black Sea.

  • Palace Dulber
  • Palace Dulber (excellent), built in Koreiz for the Grand Duke Peter in the 1895-1897. Krasnov's project , is a skewed two-four-story building, which has more than a hundred rooms.

  • Park of Alupka
  • Park of Alupka (otherwise called Vorontsovsky Park) is a marvelous park which constitutes a single ensemble with the Vorontsov Palace. Park of Alupka is located in townlet of Alupka, which is a part of the Greater Yalta.

  • Primorsky (Seaside) Park
  • Primorsky (Seaside) Park is a favorite place for citizens of Yalta. Instead of neglected lands which were here before the war, citizens of Yalta created here a vast park with numerous decorative trees and bushes. Along the alleys there are flowers and among them one can see wonderful roses of Yalta.

  • Roman-Catholic Church in Yalta
  • Roman-Catholic Church in Yalta is built using compositional and plastic techniques of Western-European medieval architecture. Located on a bank of river Uchan-Su in Yalta, the Church represents an oblong edifice.
    Its masonry and profile carving are of the supreme quality.

  • St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is the main Orthodox cathedral of Yalta, one of the cities main landmarks. The Cathedral was built in late 19th century in honor of Russian Emperor Alexander II assassinated by members of Narodnaya Volya (‘The People’s Will’) organisation.

  • Temple of Archangel Michael
  • Modern temple of Archangel Michael was built in 2006 on an abandoned plot of land, and is now a very popular among parish and tourists. Within 5 years of its existence, the temple obtained an unofficial status of a new architectural landmark.

  • Temple-Lighthouse of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
  • Temple-Lighthouse of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is the only lighthouse temple dedicated to travelers and those who died at sea. This religious building is located on a precipice in village of Malorechenskoye not far from Alushta. The temple sits on a cliff high above the sea and can be seen from many points of the Crimean Southern Coast.

  • The Church of Christ’s Resurrection
  • The Church of Christ’s Resurrection was built in 1892 on a steep rock Krasnaya Skala (literary: ‘Red Rock’) above townlet of Foros. This Church is a landmark of Russian architecture of the 19th century. The temple is located at elevation of 1312 ft. above the mean sea level.

  • The Fortress of Aluston
  • The Fortress of Aluston was constructed in VI century by Byzantines.

  • The Livadia Palace and Park Complex
  • Architectural and park complex of Livadia is one of the outstanding landmarks of architecture and park design. The Palace was built within 1910-1911  under design of architect Nikolay Krasnov in traditions of Italian Renaissance with elements of Gothics and Oriental architecture.

  • The Massandra Palace
  • The Massandra Palace (also known as the Palace of Empreror Alexander III) is a unique palace and park ensemble. Many tourists state, that this place has its own unique charm. If you have a spare hour while visiting Massandra, don’t miss and have an unforgettable tour around the Massandra Palace.

  • The Swallow’s Nest
  • The Swallow’s Nest is a landmark and historical monument located on a vertically steep 131 ft. high Aurora Cliff of Cape Ay-Todor in townlet of Gaspra. The edifice resembles a medieval chivalrous castle. The Swallow’s Nest became a symbol of the Crimean Southern Coast.

  • The Vorontsov Palace
  • The Vorontsov Palace is located in townlet of Alupka near Ai-Petri Mountain, at its very foot. The former summer residence of an outstanding statesman Mikhail Vorontsov nowadays represents a museum. Visitors especially admire a landmark of gardening and park design – a wonderful park located near the Vorontsov Palace.

  • Yusupov Palace
  • One can find in Miskhor palace-park complex built by a famous architect Krasnov for renowned aristocratic Yusupov family.


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