Museum of Alexander Grin in Feodosiya

  • Museum of Alexander Grin in Feodosiya
  • Old sailing ship in central part of Feodosiya keeps mysteries of outstanding writer – exhibition of the museum is dedicated to life and creative work of Alexander Grin. Museum of Alexander Grin is located in Feodosiya in a house with a quite unusual interior and outer appearance.

This small one-storey building surely attracts attention of those who visit Feodosiya by its outer appearance and naval features – vessel anchor with a stock lying near the entrance, oak copper-plated entrance door, part of a foremast, naval lantern hanging nearby… Exhibition of this museum devoted to life and creative work of Alexander Grin is quite unusually decorated. The house is styled as an old sailing ship. Small rooms are styled as vessel cabins and bear symbolic names “Cabin of travels”, “Clipper’s chief-cabin”, “Rostral room”, “Captain Geze’s cabin”, “Ship library”. The decoration of the museum was created by Honored artist of RSFSR and Karelia SSR Savva Brodskiy. The museum was unveiled on 9 July 1970.

Since 1924 Alexander Grin had lived in Feodosiya and he created many of his literary works in that very house which is now the Museum of the writer. Romantic decorations of the house help numerous visitors better imagine and understand ever-actual characters of Grin’s novels as well as their internal spiritual worlds. Great attention is attracted by a big relief map of fictional country Grinlandia with names of famous towns, islands and straits – Liss, Gel-Gew, Reno island, stairs of Storms… Through a corridor named “Frigate hold” visitors enter a work study of the writer. The study remained preserved in that very condition as it was when Grin worked here. It was exactly here, at this card-table where his famous novels and short stories had been created.

The next room of the museum is decorated in a very original way. The room is named as “Cabin of Grin’s wandering”. A wall-picture is located in central part of the room depicting a ship sailing towards the sea, next to it there is a globe, a multi-colored hand-organ, kerosene lanterns. The stories about writer’s childhood, youth and years of travels are told by photographs, lithographs and portraits. In the “Clipper’s chief-cabin” decorated by original illustrations to Grin’s works by Savva Brodsky makes visitors familiar with writer’s life and creative work during pre-revolutionary years. Exotic “Rostral room” and “Captain Geze’s cabin” are devoted to Grin’s life during 1917 – 1932. “Rostral room” is decorated by a rostrum – a bow of an ancient naval vessel with head of sea maiden carved of wood. There are also bronze mooring bollards, ship’s bell, small barrels, ropes, and a lantern hanging down from the bowsprit… 

Attention is also drawn by lifetime editions of Grin’s books, numerous photographs, scale model of “Secret” galliot with scarlet sales. “Captain Geze’s cabin” is decorated with naval accessories, and its walls are half-covered with rope mats. Exhibition features the first editions of Grin’s works, such as “The Golden Chain”, “She Who Runs on the Waves”, “The Road to Nowhere”, “The Heart of the Desert”.  

The “Ship library” contains many books of Alexander Grin translated into various languages of the world. 

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