Kerch Embankment

  • Kerch Embankment
  • Embankment of Kerch can’t boast lush vegetation as in the South Coast of Crimea, but it has its own charm. It was reconstructed before the 2600th anniversary of Kerch, now it is one of the most beautiful streets of the city.


Kerch Embankment was created in 1870, as it's indicated by the data of Kerch-Yeni-Kale City Management. Thus, the Kerch Embankment is over a hundred years old. At the Kerch Primorsky Boulevard, there are several memorable signs telling about interesting historical events.

In 1921-1922, as a result of a cruel drought, Crimea appeared in a difficult situation. The aroused hunger carried away many lives of Kerch citizens. To get acquainted with a state of affairs and rendering assistance to Kerch in June, 1922 chairman of All-Russian Central Executive Committee M.I.Kalinin and chairman of All-Ukrainian Central Executive Committee G.I.Petrovsky came there. They acted on meeting which passed here, on the boulevard. Before departure from Kerch, Kalinin and Petrovsky passed a considerable quantity of the foodstuffs and regimentals subjects to local establishments helping to starving people and to hospitals. On the occasion of arrival to Kerch of comrades M. Kalinin and G. Petrovsky and their speech during the meeting, a memorial sign was unveiled at the Boulevard in 1972 in connection with the 50th anniversary of the USSR formation.. The author of the project – the sculptor, the honored artist of the USSR V. Serdjuk.

Памятник Пушкину

The following sign which is near a rotunda, tells us about the days when great poet – Alexander Pushkin stayed in Kerch. After he had his treatment in the Caucasian mineral waters finished, Pushkin and Raevsky family headed to Gurzuf where the wife of Raevsky – Sofia Alekseevna and her two daughters, Ekaterina and Elena, had a vacation.
«I saw the coasts of Kuban and sentry villages, I admired our Cossacks. Always on horseback, always ready to fight: in eternal precaution! I went among unfriendly fields of free, city people. Around us went 60 Cossacks dragging loaded cannon, its fuse lit up …» - Pushkin wrote in a letter to his brother Leo Sergeevich. At 8 o'clock in the morning on 15th of August, when weather calmed down, the travelers with crews got over on a gunboat, at 9 in the morning they left Asia behind, and at 5 p.m. dropped an anchor in Europe – at Kerch.
The group of naval officers led by gray-haired forty-year lieutenant commander N. Pontonioti, the chief of a Kerch flotilla welcomed visitors. Many long years it was considered that the central fortress was a haven of visitors. But when they understood its deplorable state, according to the remained plans of those times and to memoirs of eyewitnesses it was necessary to refuse this invention.

Набережная Керчи.

A shell-shaped stage used to be one of the sights of the Kerch Boulevard. This is a fairly large building and it was a decoration of the Boulevard in combination with an open wooden tracery pavilion. Any city where a seaside boulevard did not feature such a "shell" at the time - the memories of past years tell us.

On sunny days the surface of the shell shone and reflected the falling sunlight.
In the evenings, daily, a symphony or brass orchestras consisting from Kerch music geeks were playing at the stage of this “shell”..

From the older generation of Kerch people one could hear about the special acoustics. They said that the secret of the special acoustics of "shell" was based in its construction.
It appears, the Viennese architect supervising its building, ostensibly, has put a layer of shattered glass in its foundation. Beaten glass also has been applied by him as filling material in intervals of roof ribbed surface of the "shell". So such interesting technologies were applied while building architectural masterpieces of the past.


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