The Obelisk of Glory

  • The Obelisk of Glory
  • Obelisk of Glory in honor of Immortal Heroes is located in central part of Kerch city, in its very heart. It was erected atop the Mount Mithridates to honor the immortal exploit of the Soviet warriors who died during liberation of Crimea.

In December 1943, soldiers of 318th Novorossiysk Division managed to break through Wehrmacht defences and occupied Mount Mithridates raising a red Soviet banner there. Some days after, the entire Kerch was freed from occupants.
Valour and exploits shown by soldiers of Separate Coastal Army and Azov Military Flotilla are immortalized by a three-edged 24 m. tall Obelisk erected in 1944 atop Mount Mithridates according to design by architect Moisei Ginzburg. 

The monument is constructed of the local stone – shell rock.
A niche of the Obelisk has a bronze-plated letter inscription.
This inscription reads: “To the Immortal Heroes – from Soviet Motherland. To generals, officers, sergeants and privates of Separate Coastal Army and to sailors of Azov Military Flotilla, who died the death of the brave to liberate Crimea. November 1943 – April 1944.”
Near Obelisk there is a memorial plaque with inscribed names of soldiers who died during liberation of Kerch. The Obelisk was unveiled on 8 October 1944 and on 9 May 1959 the Eternal Flame was ignited.   

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