Ancient City of Panticapaeum

  • Ancient City of Panticapaeum
  • Panticapaeum is a Milesian colony founded in 6th century B.C. on Taurica peninsula near Kerch Strait. This antique city, far ancestor of modern Kerch, had been the capital of Bosporan Kingdom. The city featured a very comfortable harbor and had been a leading trade-center. Today we can observe remains of its defenses, houses, public buildings, and burial vaults.

Panticapaeum is an antique city, an ancestor to the modern Kerch, and it was capital of Bosporan Kingdom. The city was located at a very comfortable harbor and in past it used to be an important trading center. 

Excavations in remains of Panticapaeum during Bosporan expedition of 1930-1950 revealed many items of non-Greek origin. Today, however, it’s difficult to state for sure, whether these relics belong to a settlement which had been here even before the Greeks, or whether they belong to non-Greek settlers, who lived here after the Greeks had founded the city. Besides being proven by numerous written and material items, the fact of Cimmerians and other pre-Greek population living at that place long ago is also confirmed by toponymy. 

The Greeks called the peninsula itself and its straits Cimmerian Peninsula and Cimmerian Strait correspondingly.  The name Panticapaeum itself is of non-Greek origin. In any case, there is a hypothesis that the places inhabited later by Ionian Greeks had been previously populated, and that ancient cities had been built in a close connection with already existing settlements of the time. 

Today we can observe remnants of defenses, houses, public buildings, and burial vaults. 
Use any bus or mini-bus route and go to the Lenin Square (Russian: Ploshchad Lenina), then ascend up to the top of Mount Mithridates and descend the slope to the right of the Eternal Flame.   

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