Adjimushkai quarries

  • Adjimushkai quarries
  • Adjimushkai quarries are underground quarries located within territory of Kerch. In May, 1942 a part of troops belonging to the Crimean front together with local citizens descended down into the quarries.  For five months did they managed to hold their defense against German fascist occupants. 

Adjimushkai quarries near Kerch is one of the most dramatic monuments of the Great Patriotic War (the World War II).  A shallow gully stretches itself to the east of partisan common grave dated 1919. Its southern part stands out conspicuously due to huge rocks that appeared here in result enormous explosions.
 Аджимушкайские каменоломни


Before the October Revolution the quarries served as secret meeting place for Bolshevik underground. During The Civil war of 1918-1920, partisans were basing there.
On 8 May 1942 German troops commenced an offensive on the Kerch peninsula.

Hitler’s troops encircled the quarries with rows of wire barriers, they exploded and blocked entrances, pumped smoke mixed with gas to the underground gallery, organized landslips. The besieged Soviet troops made bold sallies despite the acute lack of  water, food, medicine, ammunition. They were constantly attacking the enemy, ruining its positions and tanks.

Thousands of Soviet soldiers and citizens died in the battles because of wounds, suffocation and starvation.  The heroic defense in Adjimushkai quarries distracted lots of the enemy forces.

“Attention! Attention! Attention! To all the nations of the Soviet Union! We, the defenders of Kerch, suffocating from gas, are dying, but we don’t surrender! ”- commander of the Adjimushkai quarries garrison near Kerch colonel P.M. Yagunov ordered to air this radiogram.

In November 1943 the district of Adjimushkai quarries was liberated by the units of the 56th Army.

Since 1960s excavations in Adjimushkai quarries were commenced.
In 1966 the underground Museum of the Adjimushkai quarries was created.
In 1989 a monument was unveiled on the place of the Adjimushkai ditch.
2269 citizens and Soviet prisoners of war were executed by shooting at this very place.

The mining rock with, labyrinths cut though it, is Kerch grey porous limestone which is not found in other places.
The catacombs are the monument of building material mining of ancient periods and the Middle Ages.
Christianity was being born in these very conditions. There is evidence that the Christians appeared in catacombs of Kerch in the second century A.D..

Start from Kerch bus station going by bus route No. 4 to the station “Adjimushkai”.


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