The King’s Mound

  • The King’s Mound
  • Some 3 miles away from Kerch there is a masterpiece of ancient architecture. It is the King’s Mound – a burial landmark dated back to 4th century B.C. Researchers assume that Leucon I of the Spartocides dynasty, the King of Bosporan Kingdom, had been buried inside this vault.

Two grey hills can be clearly observed from atop of Mount Mithridates. These are the famous Melek-Chesmen Mound and King’s Mound. Inside these two mounds there are stone burial vaults, silent witnesses of former Pantecapaeum’s glory. Both landmarks had been supposedly built in last half of the 4th century B.C.  

Excavations of the King’s Mound revealed that the burial vault is not intact – it had been tomb-raided far in the past. However, its great dimensions and magnificence make a hint that Bosporan King Leucon I (389-349 B.C.) of Spartocides dynasty had been buried here. King’s Mound is far greater than Melek-Chesmen Mound. It is 56 ft. high, 853 ft. in circumference and 262 ft. in diameter.

The masonry of the Mound’s arch is unique – perfectly smooth and even circles dry-laid together from stone slabs.   

Cinematographers consider this place to be a nice fit for shooting extraterrestrial cityscapes. One could also visit a lapidarium near the King’s Mound. This is a vast collection of various antiquities: steles, sarcophagi, and pedestals. 

The entrance to the Mound’s burial vault has slight widening, which creates a visual illusion of shortened perspective making the way to the burial vault seem shorter than it really is. And on the contrary, when observed from the inside of the vault this effect of perspective works the opposite way: the exit is visually prolonged and narrowed. 
King’s Mound is located at south-western slope of a hill ridge 3 miles away from Kerch city center, in the suburb of village Adjimushkai.
You can also get there going by bus No. 4 starting from Kerch bus station.  

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