Yeni-Kale Fortress

  • Yeni-Kale Fortress
  • Yeni-Kale Fortress is one of the most interesting and beautiful attractive sites of Kerch city. It is located on the most strategically important site – on the narrowest point of Kerch Strait. Yeni-Kale Fortress is a popular attraction for tourist guided tours.

You can visit Yeni-Kale Fortress simply by getting to north-eastern part of Kerch. Yeni-Kale is translated from the Turkish as ‘new fortress’.  

It was constructed by the Ottoman Turks in late 17th – early 18th centuries. Renegade Italian Goloppo accepted Muslim faith and was in charge of Yeni-Kale construction. By building Yeni-Kale the Turks were intent on preventing Russian sailing ships from entering the Black Sea. The fortress has a strategically advantageous position allowing it to monitor all vessels sailing by. A steep shore in front of Tchushka spit is a perfect location for strategic domination. A warship became severely restrained in maneuvers and thus was fully exposed to cannon fire of the fortress. Fortress position was reinforced by shoals and its rear was protected by Taman Fortress. 

Yeni-Kale is a fortification shaped as irregular trapezium with merlon battlements around periphery. Three roads led to the fortress. The first was leading along the sea shore from Kerch, the second led from Dzhankoy and the third – from Taman crossing. Garrison of Yeni-Kale numbered a maximum of 2000 soldiers. 

In 1825 Yeni-Kale Fortress was taken out of service and became adjusted as a military hospital with a small settlement around it. The year of 1855 became the last time when Yeni-Kale Fortress took part in combat action. A battery of Yeni-Kale was shortly engaged with Anglo-French allied troops while their landing at Kerch. Russian garrison retreated due to hostile superiority. After the Crimean War, Yeni-Kale Fortress finally became a dacha-suburb of Kerch. During 1880s the hospital was closed and the fortress became abandoned.

To get to Yeni-Kale Fortress, you may take bus routes No. 24 and 32.


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