Central Crimea

Central Crimea

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  • Botanical Garden of Taurida National Vernadsky University
  • Botanical Garden was founded on basis of “Salgirka” horticultural monumental park and represents a unified historical and natural complex, which includes estates of academician Peter Simon Pallas and prince Mikhail Vorontsov. Botanical Garden is a scientific and educational department of Taurida National University named after Vladimir Vernadsky.
  • Crimean Russian Academic Drama Theater
  • Crimean Russian Academic Drama Theater - one of the most famous in the Crimea. This is a unique theater complex in Simferopol, consisting of seven scenic areas.

  • Gagarin’s Park
  • Gagarin’s Park in Simferopol is one of the main city parks and a big area of green. 
    It is called figuratively ‘the lungs of the peninsula’, as it is the biggest park in Crimea.

  • Holy Trinity Convent
  • The Holy Trinity Convent was unveiled in 2003 in central part of Simferopol on territory of a cathedral of the same name. History of this cathedral goes back into the 18th century. It was founded by the Greek settlers who lived at that time in Simferopol.

  • Kebir-Jami Mosque
  • Kebir-Jami Mosque is an outstanding architectural landmark of Simferopol and the oldest edifice of the city. An inscription above the entrance says that is was built in 1508. Kabir-Jami Mosque was consecrated in 1508 or in 914 year of Hijra.

  • Lenin Square
  • Lenin Square is located in the very central part of the Crimean capital. It’s located not far from railway station (usually it takes not more than 10 minutes to get here by transport, or 30 minutes by feet).

  • Obelisk of Vasily Dolgorukov
  • Its former name is “Monument to Dolgorukov”. It was erected on 29 September 1842 in Simferopol to commemorate the victory over the Turks. 
    The Russian troops were commanded by general-in-chief Prince Vasily Dolgorukov of Crimea.

  • Pushkin Street in Simferopol
  • Pushkin Street in Simferopol is a promenade boulevard. 
    Historically valuable old buildings were restored recently, the sidewalk was paved with color tiles, originally-shaped street lamps were installed along the street.

  • Scythian Neapolis
  • Scythian Neapolis is an ancient city, one of the Scythian fortresses in Crimea, capital of later Scythian Kingdom (3rd c. BC – 3rd c. AD). The fortress was founded on bank of river Salhir more than 2000 years ago.

  • Simferopol Railway Station
  • Simferopol Railway Station is considered to be hospitable gates of Crimea. From there numerous guests of the Peninsula start many of their Crimean routes, for example, to the Southern Crimean Coast.

  • St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Simferopol
  • St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral was built in the 19th century according to requests and on money donated by citizens of Simferopol (officially the Cathedral was unveiled in 1784), whereas the Tatars called this place just Ak-Mechet (the white mosque).

  • The Forged Figures Park (Dybenko Garden Square) in Simferopol
  • There is a garden square located in the very center of the Crimean capital. 
    It was named after Pavel Dybenko, one of the outstanding Soviet commanders. 
    But this place is more known as the Forged Figures Park.

  • Vorontsov’s Residence
  • On former outskirts of Simferopol, in shadow of an old park, there is a not tall house with columns and lion sculptures near main entrance staircase. It is so called “House on Salhir”, and once it accepted Emperor’s family accompanied by Vasily Zhukovsky, Russian poet and mentor of Tsesarevich Alexander, future Emperor of Russia.

  • Zoological Museum of Taurida National University
  • Zoological Museum of Taurida National Vernadsky University was founded in 1965. Collections exhibited nowadays in the museum were formed during numerous exhibitions made by members of TNU zoology chair.


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