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  • Alushta Aquarium
  • Aquarium of Alushta today is one of the most popular and visited attractions resort town of Alushta possess.  The museum holds a collection of some 250 fish species collected from different parts of Earth, as well as 5 crab species, 8 species of turtles and 3 different crocodiles.

  • Aquarium-Museum in Sevastopol
  • In central part of Sevastopol, on shores of Artillery Bay, there is Sevastopol Aquarium-Museum. The Museum is open for visitors and makes them familiar with fauna of the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, as well as with fauna of tropical waters, reptiles and amphibians from all over the world.

  • Bike Show
  • International Bike Show took place three years running from 2009 to 2011 in picturesque outskirts of Sevastopol on Gasfota Lake, which is on 17th kilometer of M-18 road joining Sevastopol and Yalta.

  • City day in Sevastopol
  • The Day of the Historic Boulevard, The Brides’ Parade, magnificent fireworks and the city worth worship in festive decorations…

  • Crimean Russian Academic Drama Theater
  • Crimean Russian Academic Drama Theater - one of the most famous in the Crimea. This is a unique theater complex in Simferopol, consisting of seven scenic areas.

  • Dolphinarium in Sevastopol
  • Sevastopol Dolphinarium in Artillery Bay is an iconic image of Sevastopol. Dolphinarium (Biological station) was founded in 1997 on Kornilov embankment, and it commenced it work in 2000. During this time the area of Dolphinarium was reconstructed, its 50 years-old berth was reinforced with Larsen piles.

  • Donuzlav Wings Festival
  • Donuzlav Wings Festival is a sport and musical festival of wind- serf-riding and kite-boarding that is held annually on Donuzlav Lake.

  • Kazantip
  • “Kazantip” is an annual festival that is conducted outdoor on the seashore for amateurs of club music and seekers of active and sometime extreme relaxation.

  • Koktebel Jazz Festival
  • Koktebel Jazz Festival is an annual festival of contemporary world jazz music. The event appeared in result of initiative of Dmitry Kiselyov, the main ideologist and founder of the festival and is opposed to mass-produced tasteless phonogram-sung music.

  • Theater named after Alexander Pushkin
  • Theater named after Alexander Pushkin is an elegant ivory-colored modernist-styled building, which is one of the most famous edifices in Eupatoria. Beside an interesting construction history, this landmark can boast that its stage once admitted Constantin Stanislavski, Feodor Chaliapin, Alexander Vertinsky, and Faina Ranevskaya.

  • Victory Day
  • Victory Day in Sevastopol is a specially moving holiday: sincerely warm attitude to the veterans, the parade, sea of flowers fireworks in the night sky of the hero city…

  • Yalta Grand Prix 2010
  • In 2010 for the first time since the history of Powerboat water race began, the first stage of the Powerboat World Championship Yalta Gran Prix 2010 took place in Yalta City, one of the best Crimean resorts.

  • Yalta Prime Rally
  • Prime Yalta Rally is a round of Intercontinental Rally Challenge. During three days Ukrainian and foreign rally crews are competing in their skills on special 118-mile long stages near Ai-Petri mountain plateau not far from Livadia and Alushta.

  • Yalta Zoo “Skazka”
  • Yalta Zoo “Skazka” (Russian for “Fairy Tale”) is the only Ukrainian privately owned zoo. At present more than 120 species of animals are kept in the Zoo, all of which were delivered from all continents of the globe. Recently the Zoo buys animals according to international contracts concluded with EAZA – the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria.

  • “Artek” International Children Center
  • Artek landmark (“arteki” is a Greek word for “quail”) had been named so, probably, when a Greek settlement had existed in its northern part on a hill of Tokha-Dahyr from the 4th century BC to the 4th century AD. The name of this settlement remained unknown, but its remains were discovered during archeology expeditions conducted in 1968.

  • “CRIMEA MUSIС FEST” International Festival
  • “CRIMEA MUSIС FEST” International Festival attracted many showbiz stars from various countries to visit Yalta within 6-10 September 2011. Five days of Crimea Music Fest are five imagination-striking and amazing shows united by a single theme.

  • “Genoese Helmet” Reenactment Festival
  • “Genoese Helmet” Reenactment Festival is an annual knight festival conducted in Crimea in its usual place – in Genoese Fortress of Sudak. 
    Medieval Genoese fortress in Sudak is a very popular and most often visited way, and annual spectacular sight of “Genoese Helmet” attracts its numerous fans and new visitors every year.

  • “Koktebel” Wine and Cognac Plant
  • Today “Koktebel” Wine and Cognac Plant is a modern enterprise equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and producing 20 types of various wines starting from fine dry wines to strong and sweet wines. Seven cognac types are produced at the plant, whereas each cognac has its own peculiarities of producing, aroma and taste.

  • “Live in Bluу Bay” International Jazz Festival
  • “Live in Bluу Bay” International Jazz Festival takes place annually in resort “Blue Gulf” in Koktebel. Program of the festival includes daily gala performances, master-classes of famous musicians, night jamming sessions, and historical programs devoted to jazz history.

  • “Sosedniy Mir” Festival
  • The main summer open-air festival of music and actual art is called “Sosedniy Mir” (Russian for “world next to us”) and takes place annually on shores of the Azov Sea. This popular event has been taking place for the fourth time and it managed to unite all those people who are fans of music, sports, visual arts and just good relaxation near the sea.

  • “War and Peace” Festival
  • “War and Peace” Festival is conducted in Sevastopol and represents a massive combination of various art forms: photography, theatrical plays, performances, military music and dancing.


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