Mount Koshka

  • Mount Koshka
  • Mount Koshka is a rock in the Crimean Mountains not far from townlet of Simeiz. The name of the Mount is derived from the Crimean Tatar ‘Qoş Qaya’. Later this name was re-adjusted by the Russian population – the shape of the Mount resembles a seated cat. Elevation of Mount Koshka is 833 ft.

Mount Koshka is a complex natural landmark (since 1947) in Simeiz, which later was given a status of state importance (since 1984). 

Quaint shape of the Mount clarifies its name: after looking at it closer one can distinctively figure out a cat’s head, as if leaning towards the sea, then one can see a 833 ft. tall curved ‘back’ of the cat, and, finally, its tail.

Not far from the Mount Koshka there are several more limestone cliffs and mounts here and there: Diva Cliff in shape of a young woman who stepped into the sea, wrecks of Monakh (Monk) Mount ruined by storms, Mouunt Panea, and Lebedinoye Krylo (Swan’s Wing). Mountainsides of Koshka represent a natural museum of relief forms: stone rocks are alternated with enormous peaks, towers, and deep and numerous karst grooves. 

A 262 ft. deep karst mine goes deep into the Mount. And above this geological basis, like an emerald shawl, there are numerous sparse growths of trees. There grow numerous rare plants which are in the Red Book – Greek juniper, Arbutus, Crimean pine-tree, butcher’s broom Ruscus ponticus, cistus, pistachio-tree. Mount Koshka is the only site in the Commonwealth of Independent States where  Fumana thymifolia grows. 

16 species of local plants are in the Red Book.


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