Lisya Bay

  • Lisya Bay
  • Lisya (“Fox”) Bay is a bay of the Black Sea between mountain massifs of Kara-Dag and Cape Meganom. It is supposed that its name derived from a thornback ray (named in Russian literary as “sea fox”). But local old residents state that the bay was formerly named “Lysaya” (Russian word for “bald”) because the coastal terraces were completely woodless.

Shores of Lisya Bay is scarcely populated and is a famous recreation place for tourists and “neformals” – representatives of underground sub-cultures. 
We set off from Koktebel and drive for some 40 minutes bound for Shebetovka. The road is honestly bad, but were it good, there would probably had been no Lisya Bay. It would have been an ordinary Crimean beach. And if one takes a look upon Liska –the name given to it by those who live there constantly – you’ll probably assume some wild tribe is camped ashore.

A tribe from primeval times. Flags, tents and awnings are waving in the wind. Non-official holiday-makers and almost pagans live here. They are walking mostly naked and keep doing nothing. Many people who were lucky to visit Lisya Bay believe that the bay, like a strong magnet, has a powerful attractive force. Obviously, it’s the purest true – there are many people who strive to return to the bay at their first opportunity. Lisya Bay is famous almost everywhere. The news about how wonderful it is to make holidays in that place flooded well beyond Crimean boundaries and every year this sweet place witnesses even more tourists coming here burning with the desire to experience that perfect holidays by themselves. 

A great team of people come every year to Lisya Bay both from Ukraine and Russia by 1st of May to celebrate coming of warm days. Another group of people settles traditionally at place called “Jamaica”. Every summer one can observe some strange cane-built structures on beach, above which Jamaican banner is flying high in the air and reggae and drum beats are quite audible.

Lisya Bay is widely famous among naturists of all countries of former Soviet Union. But historians state that naturists were not the first people who liked the place for leisure. Archeologists consider that the area of Lisya Bay was settled by humans if prehistoric times. 20 settlements of some pre-human beings like Pithecantropus or Sinanthropus. But there were more archeological findings. In times of antiquity area of Echki-Dag and Lisya Bay was under command of Tauri tribes, the fact proven by traces of settlements, stalls, burial vaults made of dolmens. 15 Byzantine settlements were unveiled in Otuzy Valley (outskirts of modern Shebetovka). Remnants of fortress walls and temple built in the 15th centuries were discovered not far from Lisya Bay in Kozskaya Valley, village of Otuzy and in settlement Kordon-Oba (modern village of Kurortnoye). 

In the second half of the 20th century Echki-Dag attracted numerous mountain climbers and Lisya Bay became the main place for young representatives of sub-cultures and naturists.     

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