New Svet

New Svet

Karaul-Oba Natural Landmark

  • Karaul-Oba Natural Landmark
  • Mount Karaul-Oba guards from the west bays and juniper growths of Novy Svet. After you have ascended to its top and have looked around, you will surely understand why the Mount is called that way: from its top the whole coastline from Cape Meganom to Mount Ayu-Dag. Cape Karaul-Oba is called one of the world’s seven geological wonders.

You may enjoy and observe this scenery while sitting in a stone-carved “armchair of Golitsyn”.
You will observe amphitheater of Novy Svet and three variously colored bays at its feet: the Blue Bay, the Azure Bay and the Green Bay.

Under Mount Karaul-Oba there are square room-shaped openings surrounded by straight walls of the rocks. In front there is the “Adam’s coach” – a narrow ravine, covered with green ivy blanket. And there is a stone-carved staircase behind it. All stone staircases in Novy Svet were constructed by Prince Lev Golitsyn. But this one was supposedly built by Tauri tribes, and Golitsyn just renovated it. 

Here you can find yourself in so called landmarks of the wild “Inferno” and comfortable “Heaven”. Then you can visit the so called Tsar’s beach with pure transparent blue water. 

Mount Karaul-Oba is also interesting from historical point of view. There are remains of walls and dwellings of an ancient fortress built by Bosporan King Asander above 230 ft. high precipice. Beside this, there is a landmark of Tauri culture – a non-fortified settlement of Tauri tribes.
Cape Karaul-Oba is called one of the world’s seven geological wonders.

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