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Golitsin’s Path

  • Golitsin’s Path
  • Golitsin’s Path is known for its unique natural caves. In one of them there were kept bottles of wine, which Prince Golitsyn entertained the guests. There is an excellent acoustics in the grotto, great Chaliapin sang here. That’s why there are two names for the grotto, some call it Golytsinskiy, and other Chaliapin.

Golitsin Path begins on the south-western coast of the Green Bay under the northern slope of Khoba-Kaya mountain range and ends near the western entrance to Through Grotto. Bending round the cape, the path leads to the one of the Wonders of Noviy Svet – a giant natural grotto breached through the rocks by the sea waves. 

“The ceiling” heights of the  cave reaches 25-30 meters! There is visible Estrada for musicians in the depths of the cave  and behind it – the is hole in the wall, leading to  one of the departments of L. Prince Golitsyn’s "library" wines. A small pit was dug here in the floor, where a pure spring water was constantly gathering.

 Голицынская тропа

There is a huge stone lump in the sea under the grotto vault, which one day fell down from the “ceiling”.Nowadays this stone is known as “the Turtle”. There is a throughn underwater tunnel under the grotto. From the cool grotto the path leads to the west, towards southern slopes of Khoba-Kaya. In the ravines one can see remains of coral fossils, sea-urchins and seaweeds which lived here 150 million years ago in the warm Jurassic ocean.

 Голицынская тропа

The descending leads to the beach of Blue Bay which is closed by the narrow gaunt to the sea Cape Kapchik in the west. In its middle the cape is cut with the Through grotto gallery – a natural 77 m long cave along the tectonic break. 

The path climes up the watershed of the Cape Kapchik and at last we can observe the majestic panorama of the Blue Bay (“Bay with a Hole”). The magnificent rocks of Karaul-Oba mountain towers over the Blue Bay resembling the ruins of a gothic cathedral. 

Голицынская тропа

The equipped path ends at the western entrance to the Through Grotto.You can come back to Noviy Svet by Golitsin path or by northen west-northen path. But you can also climb the steep forest trail to the top of Karagol-Oba, to view the unusual landmarks: a dark hole "Hell", which shoots a jet of icy air, welcoming area "Paradise" ( "Paradise") with its picturesque woods and Tooth meadows among the rocks, Elephant, Sofa incident. Far below the sea rise up "Gates of Paradise" is a stone arch of the two blocks that meet each other. You can go down the path to the west, to the beach Kutlakskoy bay from the watershed Karaul-Oba, squeezed between two rocks - "Scylla" and "Kharybdis".

Голицынская тропа

Going along the trail you can visit the Anastasia source. You can hear the legend from local inhabitants according to that the source was named after the mistress Golitsyn.  In fact, the name is much older: in the Middle Ages the Monastery of St. Anastasia was located nearby which unfortunately didn’a remain.


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