Cape Kazantip

  • Cape Kazantip
  • Cape Kazantip – means absence of people, lots of sun and numerous beaches with mile-length sandy beaches and finest water. There are unusual and quaint figures of cliffs and boulders, small comfortable bays and many black cormorants sitting on white stones. It’s a great place for surfing and kiteboarding.

“Kazantip” has been a natural landmark since 1964, reserve landmark since 1980, state reserve of Ukraine since 1998 and reserve of international importance. Translated from the Turkic languages “kazantip” means “bottom of a copper”. And it is really shaped so as in upper part of Kazantip there is a circular limestone ridge with radially adjacent “roots” of side ridges, and the bottom of this “copper” resembles a volcano crater.

Мыс Казантип. Бухта

Kazantip appeared in result of sea bed elevation during so called Sarmatian and Meothic eras. Before it had been an oceanic island. Modern Azov Sea and the Black Sea had been part of that ocean too. When Kazantip had been an island corals had been growing on its slopes. These corals were dying and transformed into limestone layers while the island had been elevating. Erosion processes formed the so called “copper” in its central part, and due to the sea an isthmus and mainland were formed. Unique natural complex with great variety of soils, reliefs, and climate zones formed the whole endemic population  - both flora and fauna. This endemics are peculiar only for this reserve area and are registered in the Red Book.

Мыс Казантип. Бакланы
The most elevated part of Cape Kazantip is the Mount Kazantip (351 ft.). There used to be a lighthouse in late 19th –early 20th centuries. 

Beside the famous festival, Cape Kazantip was notable throughout history. Rich people of the middle 19th century were lived here and spent their leisure time. There are some surviving houses and small castles dated back to the 19th century.
And to the east of this place, above Tatar Bay, one of the biggest ancient settlements was discovered here in 1953 (dated back to 3rd-2nd cc. BC) with an underground tunnel leading to seashore.

Мыс Казантип

On a limestone ridge of hill located to the east of this settlement, one can observe remains of stone walls. And below, just near the sea, there are remnants of an ancient estate. 

Kazantip is a very unique place where one completely “dissolves” just after entering this wonderful place. There are no crowds of holiday-makers so peculiar for other resort areas. Amount of sunny days in Kazantip is greater than in Yevpatoria. And its beaches are miles of fine sand and the purest sea water. And there are unusual and quaint stone figures and cliffs formed by nature or possibly created by humans. These figures resemble dinosaurs, or huge dogs.

Мыс Казантип

Small comfortable bays and black cormorant conspicuous on the white background of boulders and other peculiar traits of the place which make it so unique. The bay is real “paradise” for surfing and kiteboarding.   

Мыс Казантип

In May 1998 Cape Kazantip was declared Ukrainian reserve of national importance, but visitors still have access to the palce.   


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