The Valley of Ghosts

  • The Valley of Ghosts
  • The Valley of Ghosts is an area in Crimea, accumulation of quaintly shaped cliffs on western mountainside of Demerdzhi plateau. Such shapes of the cliffs were formed by erosion of the Upper Jurassic conglomerates of Southern Demerdzhi. The Valley of Ghosts is a popular tourist attraction which obtained its today’s name in late 19th century.

The Valley of Ghosts is a natural landmark at foot of Mount Demerdzhi. Mountainside of Demerdzhi  is a unique cliff conglomeration which is commonly named “a boulder chaos”. Shapes and dimensions of these rocks and boulders are so queer that one can often discern various figures and portraits created by nature. Throwing long shadows, these figures change their outlines, and one can make out ever-changing renewing images.

That is why this valley is called the Valley of Ghosts. Here one can distinguish a frog, or a warrior head, or even a portrait of Russian ex-president Boris Yeltsin. 

One most often told legend tells about a blacksmith who used to dwell on this mountain. He produced weaponry here and was to such extent ill-tempered and aggressive, that when he had leisure time he used to terrorize a village located in the valley.

Once he abducted a girl from that village. The made a try to escape but stumbled on a stone, fell and died. The god of the mountain grew angry and huge boulders hailed down from the mountain killing the blacksmith and destroying both his smithy and the village down in the valley. These huge boulders still lie in the valley. But the mountain remembers not only this blacksmith and his hostage girl. There is a path in this valley which was featured in the famous Russian comedy “Kidnapping, Caucasian Style”. It’s well-known that some sequences of this movie were shot in the Caucasus, but some were shot in Crimea, exactly in the Valley of Ghosts. 

“Walnut of Yuri Nikulin” is one of the most famous Crimean trees having own proper names. The sequence of Nikulin falling from a tree branch was shot on that walnut. The branch was somewhat sawn, the place of Nikulin’s “landing” was correspondingly prepared… But the branch cracked in other place and Yuri Nikulin broke his arm as he fell. Producing staff had to make a long break in filming process. 

And if you walk along a narrow path to an area near mountain’s top, you will observe a picturesque sight: mountains, sunrays piercing clouds, town down in the valley and sparkling sea.

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