Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall

  • Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall
  • Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall is the most full-flowing waterfall of Crimea which appeared due to waters of river Eastern Ulu-Uzen in Khapkhal ravine not far from Generalskoye village in Alushta district. The waterfall has an elevation of 1535 ft. above the main sea level.

Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall is located on Eastern Ulu-Uzen river, which starts from Khapkhal ravine. In its upper course the river bed descends in huge terraces. The highest of them is 49 ft. high and has an elevation of 1535 ft. AMSL forming Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall. Water discharge is the greatest among all waterfalls of Crimea – the fall spends some 230 liters of water every second. The waterfall is in its full waters even during the driest years.

The water falls down in several vertical streams gathering in a small pool and then flows further to Ulu-Uzen river-bed, crosses village of Generalskoye and descends rapidly into the sea. If you ascend some 0.6 mile up the river, you will see a series of rapids and cascades, from which the water falls down a succession of terraces, as if on giant stairs. Of course, the water in the waterfall, the pool and the river itself is very cold even during the hottest days. You can plunge into water or stand under these heavy streams, but nobody can stand it for a long time. The temperature does not exceed + 10-11 degrees centigrade.

The path leading to the waterfall is astonishingly beautiful: there are numerous sculptures carved out of wood (masterpieces of local forest-guards). There are also wooden stairs, many white and yellow primroses, and the cleanest air. 

Not far from there one can observe Dzhur-Dzhur cave 2460 ft. deep. And it is surrounded by old high forest consisting primarily of beech, hornbeam, oak, mountain ash, cornel, hazel. Darkness of this beech-grown ravine harmonizes with gloomy cliffs of the surrounding mountains. 

Areas of old bicentennial Sessile oak forest and Crimean pine-tree groves represent an especial scientific value. 

Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall is not only the most powerful and very beautiful, but also the noisiest waterfall in Crimea. 

The name “Dzhur-Dzhur” means “a purling water” if translated from the Tatar language. The Greeks called it “kremasto nero” meaning “the hanging water”. 

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