Park of Alupka

  • Park of Alupka
  • Park of Alupka (otherwise called Vorontsovsky Park) is a marvelous park which constitutes a single ensemble with the Vorontsov Palace. Park of Alupka is located in townlet of Alupka, which is a part of the Greater Yalta.

Park of Alupka was founded in the first half of the 19th century together with the Vorontsov Palace. It occupies a square-shaped territory – 1640 ft. from north to south and the same from west to east. German gardener Carolus Antonius Keebach managed to merge a 40-hectare park into a local landscape in such a way, that it looks as if there were no human intrusions while creating it. Carolus Keebach was certainly a romantic person, because only a man of highly sensitive soul could refine the nature’s beauty without doing any harm to it.

The park composition is built using amphitheatre principle. The Park of Alupka is oriented at cardinal directions. The centre of the Park’s amphitheater is a Tea House located at sea coast, from which the unseen threads of spatial connection are extended to the Palace, to all architectural units of the Park, as well as to its landscape centers.

Evheniy Markov, a famous writer, wrote in his popular Crimean Sketches, that only in Alupka had he seen such a unity “of architectural genius and genius of landscape design, unity of sea and mountains, stones and woods, wildness of nature and elegancy of civilization”. Monumental landmark of park and garden design – Park of Alupka – is divided into landscape and regular parts. Its regular part occupies an area nearest to the Palace and its southern terraces, and the rest of the territory is occupied by the English (landscape) garden. 

The upper part of Alupka’s Park has numerous natural attractive sites: fragments of natural south-coastal forest and harsh stone rocks, groups of wonderful foreign trees and mirror-like ponds. And the names of all this! Just listen to them – they are really more like a melodic song, than simply titles. Lunniy Kamen (Moonstone), Forelnoye (Trout Lake), Zerkalnoye (Mirror Lake), Lebedinoye (Swan Lake), Little and Great Chaos, Platanovaya (Plane-Tree), Solnechnaya (Sunny), Kashtanovaya (Chestnut), Contrastnaya (Contrast) glades…  
The Park of Alupka today possesses some 200 species and forms of plants. One can see here growing olives and cypresses, laurels and palm-trees, strawberry trees, Greek strawberry trees, snowball tree (Viburnum tinus), and monkey puzzle trees.

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