Embankment of Yalta

  • Embankment of Yalta
  • Lenin’s Embankment – is a central promenade street of Yalta, one of the oldest streets of this city. The embankment is framed with palm-trees and is filled with continuous rows of attractions, bars, cafes, and restaurants. Different architectural styles are merged in the Embankment, it is plated with polychrome red granite and light-grey porphyry.

Embankment of Yalta is the central and the oldest, but an outstandingly beautiful street of the city. Its official name – the Lenin’s Embankment. 

In 1837 poet Vasily Zhukovsky could observe only one building in Yalta – a customs office. Until 1886 the Embankment represented only a sea coastal strip. Some time later it was raised, reinforced with stone blocks and encircled with metal railing, which created illusion of a ship. These works were done under a design by Aleksander Berthier-Delagarde and Nikolay Shevtsov. To protect its foundation from impact of storms, the Embankment was made two-level in 1961. The Embankment is framed with palm-trees, magnolias, and is filled with continuous rows of attractions, bars, cafes, and restaurants. Within 2002-2004 it was plated with slabs made of various abyssal rocks. A great scope of works was done to restore all the attractions of the pre-revolutionary Yalta. 

Architecture of the Embankment merged the most unbelievable styles. There are numerous buildings on it: Main Postal Office, International Maritime Club, McDonalds fast-food restaurant, as well as numerous attractions. Here, under shadowy palm-trees, is also a monument to Vladimir Lenin – a favorite place where young people walk.  The western part of the Embankment (near Primorsky Park), is decorated with Hotel “Oreanda”, schooner-café “Espaňola” specially built for film-making, and floaty restaurant “Golden Fleece” shaped as an antique Greek warship. In front of it there is a conspicuous spherical crown of a huge plane-tree. This 500 years-old giant is called Isadora’s plane-tree – according to a legend, Isadora Duncan, a famous American dancer, appointed dates to Sergey Esenin right under this huge tree.

Embankment of Yalta became scene of action for many works of art and mass culture. Among them we can name the most well-known – these are famous The Lady with a Dog by Anton Chekhov, and Assa, a movie  by Sergey Solovyov. 

In the middle part of the Embankment, near mooring quays of scheduled motor ships and cruisers, there is a starting point of a cable-car road leading to Darsan Hill.
Near the lowest station of cable-car road there is a hotel built in 1875. In 1876 severely ill Nikolay Nekrasov lived in that hotel for two months. Here he not only received medical treatment, but also worked on his poem Who is happy in Russia?
A memorial plaque of this hotel has numerous names of famous and outstanding people inscribed on it. This building is very interesting by its architecture and engineer design.
In the western part of the Embankment there is a bridge over river Uchan-Su, where an exhibition hall of Artist Union is built.
Photographs are donated by crimea-photo.com

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