The Church of Christ’s Resurrection

  • The Church of Christ’s Resurrection
  • The Church of Christ’s Resurrection was built in 1892 on a steep rock Krasnaya Skala (literary: ‘Red Rock’) above townlet of Foros. This Church is a landmark of Russian architecture of the 19th century. The temple is located at elevation of 1312 ft. above the mean sea level.

The Church was constructed under investments of Alexander Kuznetsov, a famous tea-merchant and an owner of Foros estate, according to the design of academician Nikolay Chagin. The temple was erected to commemorate the “miraculous escape” of the Emperor Alexander III during the train crash at station Borki of Kursk-Kharkov railroad on 17 October 1888. 

On 4 October 1892, the Church was consecrated by Martinian, Bishop of Taurica, to glorify the Holy Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Konstantin Pobedonostsev, Ober-Procurator of the Holy Synod, was present at this service. Six years later Russian Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna visited the Church to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Alexander III miraculous escape. 

In 1924 the church was closed according to decision of the Soviet authorities. Its crosses were thrown down, wall paintings painted over and its senior priest exiled to Siberia. The Church accommodated a lunchroom for tourists until 1969 and until 1992 it was abandoned. In 1992 it was restored under personal control of Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma. 

The Church is built in Byzantine temple style with a system of internal supporting structures (poles) and with numerous domes styled like those we can see in Russian wooden churches. The silhouette of the Church resembles Moscow temples of late 18th century.

Mosaic decoration was done by a famous Italian artist Antonio Salviati, and the interior was painted by famous artists Alexey Korzukhin, Vladimir Makovsky, and academician Nikolay Sverchkov. 

Above the Church, there is an old south-coastal road leading to Sevastopol through Baydar Gate. From the Gate    

one can observe a wonderful scenery of the Church, as if it is hovering above the Southern Crimean Coast. And the new highway, very comfortable and pictorial, goes beneath the Church at the rock foot. In any case, the Church of Christ’s Resurrection became one of the symbols of the Crimean Southern Coast.


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