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  • Ai-Petri Cable Car Road
  • Cable Car Road “Miskhor – Ai-Petri” is one of the attractive sights one should not miss while visiting Crimea. The breath-taking ascend to the height of more than 3200 ft. above the wonderful scenery is a really charming sight.
    Some moments ago you were near the sea, and 15 minutes later you are atop of Ai-Petri Plateau.

  • Assumption Monastery
  • The Assumption Cave Monastery (the Holy Assumption Monastery) is an Orthodox monastery in Crimea. It is located in the Miriam-Dere (“Mariya’s ravine”) in the vicinity of Bakhchisaray. The monastery belongs to the Simferopol and Crimea Eparchy of Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Aside from the monastery complex, there is a soldier cemetery in the territory adjacent to the monastery.
  • Chelter-Marmara Monastery
  • The Chelter-Marmara cave monastery is located at a mile’s distance from the town of Ternovka. Its premises are cut in the Chelter-Kaya rock The most famous sight of this monastery is a huge hall with 5 big columns supporting the stone vault. The eastern part of this grotto is a church in which the altar base with a relics niche is still visible.

  • Chufut-Kale
  • Chufut-Kale is a medieval fortress settlement in Bakhchisaray district. In the Crimean Tatar language “Chufut-Kale” means “Jewish Fortress“. Chufut-Kale had other names too, including Kyrk-Yer, Kyrk-Or, and Gehver-Kermen. It emerged in the 5th-6th centuries as a fortified settlement in the borderline of the Byzantine territory.

  • Eski-Kermen
  • Eski-Kermen is a medieval fortress town in the southwest of Crimean peninsula, 9 miles to the south of Bakhchisaray and 3 miles to the northwest of the ruins of Mangup-Kale. “Eski-Kermen” means “the old fortress” in the language of the Crimean Tatars. Among the cave settlements of Crimea it is second only to Chufut-Kale in the number of visitors.

  • Funa Fortress
  • Funa is a medieval fortress located on a rocky hill at foot of Mount Demerdzhi in Crimea. The name of the fortress can be translated from Greek as “smoky”. In past Mount Demerdzhi had been also called “Funa”. Archeological and architectural landmark “Funa Fortification” is located 1.24 mile away from village of Luchistoye near western foot of Mount Southern Demerdzhi.

  • Kachi-Kalyon (Qaçi Kalyon)
  • The Kachi-Kalyon rock is one of the spurs of the inner ridge of the Crimean mountains, five miles to the south of Bakhchisaray. While there is no reliable information about the origin of its name, it is commonly believed to mean “cross ship”. People with vivid imagination can see something like a huge cross formed by natural cracks on the surface of the rock.

  • Mangup-Kale
  • Mangup-Kale is a medieval fortress city in Bakhchisaray district. Originally the capital of the Theodoro Principality (a Christian state), it later became a Turkish fortress. Mangup is located on top of a residual mountain, up to 984 ft. higher than the valleys around it. Its plateau has an area over 220 acres. There are numerous springs in the territory of the fortress.

  • Tepe-Kermen
  • Tepe-Kermen is an archaeological monument of the 6th-14th centuries AD and one of the biggest cave settlements of Crimea. It is located south-west of Bakhchisaray. Tepe-Kermen is an isolated residual mountain with a flat top. The surface of the plateau totals 2,5 acres. Because of its regular truncated cone shape this mountain is put down in the Crimea book of records.

  • The Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
  • In 1960 the most powerful telescope in Europe started working in the Crimea.

  • The Khan’s Palace in Bakhchisaray
  • The Khan’s palace is the main sight of Bakhchisaray. This gorgeous monument of culture and history is not only a unique example of the Crimean Tatar palatial architecture, but also an interesting museum.

  • The Monastery of St. Theodore Stratelates (The Chelter-Koba Monastery)
  • Chelter-Koba is one of the cave monasteries in the Bakhchisaray district of Crimea. It is located in the valley of Belbek river, about half a mile from the town of Bolshoye Sadovoye (Tash-Basty). In the Crimean Tatar language “Chelter-Koba” means “lattice cave”.

  • The Syuiren Fortress
  • The Kale-Burun cliff in the eastern part of the Belbek Valley is the site of a most interesting monument of the medieval Crimea, the Syuiren fortress. To get there you can take the ancient road that circles the cliff from the west, or one of the two trails in the eastern and western sides of Kale-Burun.

  • The Temple of the Donators
  • The Temple of Donators is one of the most interesting and hard to reach sights of the Crimea. It would not be easy to find it in the mountains of Eski-Kermen. It is a small cave church painted with frescoes. In the past centuries it used to be the place of refuge for the monks.
  • Tower Kiz-Kul
  • Tower Kiz-Kul is located next to the cave town Eski-Kerman and is also known by the romantic name "Maiden Tower". It leads to a steep slope, which is breathtaking. On the tower many legends are, but in fact it is only the balance of the castle Kiz-Kul, who was a defensive structure.


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