Достопримечательности. Черноморское

Достопримечательностей в Черноморском не так много - среди степей на берегу бухты Узкой стоит древнее городище крепость Калос-Лимен. Оно входило в территорию сельскохозяйственной территории Херсонеса. Жители Прекрасной гавани растили здесь виноград, выпекали хлеб, пасли коров и коз и, конечно же, рыбачили...

И не чужды были искусства - в Республиканском историко-археологическом музее хранится терракотовое изображение богини плодородия Деметры.

Достопримечательности Крыма


  • Ancient Settlement Belyaus
  • Ancient settlement “Belyaus” is located not far from western extremity of Donuzlav sandbar. 
    A Greek settlement appeared here in the second half of the 4th century BC. This settlement represented a large fortified estate.

  • Beach of Chernomorskoye
  • Townlet of Chernomorskoye is located on shores of Uzkaya (“Narrow”) Bay which is well-protected from storms and winds by its shore lines. This bay always had a good reputation among sailors. And it was a reason why the Greeks named this place “the Beautiful Harbor”.

  • Crimean Republican Establishment «Historical and Archeological Reserve «Kalos Limen»
  • In 1987 a historical and local lore research museum was unveiled in Chernomorskoye, which is now a sub-division of the Crimean Republican Establishment “Historical and Archeological Reserve ‘Kalos Limen’”. Most interesting archeological discoveries are represented in exhibition halls.

  • Kalos Limen Ancient Settlement
  • Kalos Limen (Greek for “Beautiful Harbor”) was a large ancient polis in Western Crimea. 
    It existed from the 4th century BC to the 2nd century AD in north-western part of the bay on site of modern village Chernomorskoye.

  • Monuments in Chernomorskoye
  • Nowadays Chernomorskoye is changing its appearance significantly. Dusty narrow curved streets are replaced by boulevards and garden squares; instead of straw-roofed single-storey houses numerous modern shops, banks, hotels and office buildings appear.

  • The Church of Saint and Pious Zakhariy and Elizabeth
  • In 1838, Church of Saint and Pious Zakhariy and Elisabeth was built in Ak-Mechet. This temple became a center of Orthodox religion on Tarhankut peninsula. It served as landmark for naval vessels and was mentioned in sailing directions of the Black and Azov Seas.


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