“Koktebel” Wine and Cognac Plant

  • “Koktebel” Wine and Cognac Plant
  • Today “Koktebel” Wine and Cognac Plant is a modern enterprise equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and producing 20 types of various wines starting from fine dry wines to strong and sweet wines. Seven cognac types are produced at the plant, whereas each cognac has its own peculiarities of producing, aroma and taste.

On the eastern coast of Crimea at foots of old Karadag volcano, there is a village of Koktebel – “the land of blue peaks”. And not fat from it there is a famous wine production plant bearing the same name.

“Koktebel” Wine and Cognac Plant was established in 1944 instead of two kolkhoz communities which existed there before the Great Patriotic War. This is one of the few Crimean enterprises which has the full production cycle – from vine growing and processing to oak aging and bottling.  The greatest feature of “Koktebel” Wine and Cognac Plant is one of the Europe’s most efficient Madeira producing facilities. This facility has a greenhouse where within a year the famous Koktebel Madeira wine is blossoming, like a wonderful flower. Then there is an open-air Madeira platform where wine barrels lay under sunrays for another three years.

Close location of the warm Black Sea, different kinds of soils, combination of sea, mountain and steppe winds created a peculiar microclimate here. 
Vineyards are located at different elevation levels above the main sea level (they are grown in terraces on hillsides). This allows growing vines and grapes and, consecutively, producing wine of the top quality and with unique taste and aroma characteristics, which are not observed anywhere else in Crimea. More than 30 grape varieties (Traminer, Shabash, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Aligote, Muscat group and others) which grow in Koktebel provide a great raw material choice for making nice wines.

Wine-producing traditions have been strongly observed from times of antiquity, because Crimean wine-making had been born exactly in these places.

“Koktebel” Wine and Cognac Plant today is a modern facility with the most up-to-date equipment and producing 20 varieties of wine – from fine dry wines to strong and sweet ones. 

But wines are not the only product type that makes “Koktebel” so famous. Starting from the mid 20th century, the plant commenced production of the best Crimean cognacs. Cognac production technologies are based on classic production methods and also take into account peculiar traits of the area. 

Cognac alcohols are aging for long time in oak barrels acquiring refined aromas, taste harmonies and age. 
Best cognacs of “Koktebel” have a blend of 10 to 30 different cognac alcohols. There are 7 cognac types produced at the plant, each of them having its peculiar production nuances, aroma and taste. 
According to a decree of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine, unique enoteca of “Koktebel” was declared a national pride of great scientific, historical and practical value.  

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