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Kara-Dag. View from ridge of Karagach.

Absolutely small seem in the bottom the biological research station buildings; in the distance among green poplars of the Otuzsky valley boarding house buildings "the Crimean seaside" grow white; further away from the low mountains which have "run up" by waves three-topmost ark Echki-Dag ("the goat mountain") rises. If to track sight coastal line leaving to the southwest, first of all, at once behind boarding house, the Thick cape (the mountain Ashlamalyk termination) behind which the bay of Chalka takes cover is visible. Small houses, hardly distinguishable in the middle of extensive arch of gulf, designate the Kozsky valley. Almost on horizon line  forward in the sea cape Meganom is put behind which there is resort settlement Sudak perch. In the northwest, behind yellowish Honey rock, small houses of ShChebetovka are visible.

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