Uchan-Su Waterfall

  • Uchan-Su Waterfall
  • Uchan-Su is the highest waterfall of Ukraine. It’s located on elevation of 1279 ft. above the main sea level on the southern mountainside of Ai-Petri and almost 4 miles to the north of Yalta. Height of the waterfall is 323 ft. Beside its name “Uchan-Su”, the waterfall has also other names – “Cresmasto Nero”, “Akyar-Su” or “Akyar-Suu”.

The highest waterfall of Crimea is located on river Uchan-Su (Vodopadnaya). Its valley stretches for 5.3 miles. Name “Uchan-Su” is translated from the Tatar as “flying water”. 

The river starts at elevation of 2624-2952 ft. on mountainsides of Ai-Petri plateau. Its head waters flow in a ravine. 1.24 miles from river head, on elevation of 1279 ft., the river forms a waterfall consisting of four levels – 295, 49, 22 and 26 ft. correspondingly.

The waterfall can be observed in its full beauty only in spring, when snow of Ai-Petri are melting, and torrents of water are falling noisily down from a 328-ft. terrace filling the air with myriads sparkling splashes. And it is only at this time that the waterfall proves its name. In summer almost all its water is collected for water-supplies of Yalta, and only several fussy streams are coming down the steep rock. Sometimes it occurs that the river dries up in summer. Within 1938-1946 it had dried up 9 times.


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