Природа. Ялта

  • Водопад Учан-Су
  • Зубцы Ай-Петри
  • Таракташская тропа
  • Ущелье Уч-Кош
  • Приморский парк
  • Урочище Магарач, винодельческий центр
  • Водопад Яузлар (урочище Таракташ)
  • Боткинская тропа
  • Штангеевская тропа
  • Гора Ставри-кая


Природа Алупка
Природа Береговое (Кастрополь)
Природа Восход
Природа Гаспра
Природа Голубой Залив
Природа Гурзуф
Природа Кацивели
Природа Кореиз
Природа Краснокаменка
Природа Курпаты
Природа Ливадия
Природа Массандра
Природа Мисхор
Природа Никита
Природа Оползневое
Природа Ореанда
Природа Понизовка
Природа Симеиз
Природа Форос


Уникальная природа Крыма


  • Botkin’s Mountain Pathway
  • Sometimes you have a strong need for adventures and freshness of a forest. But, at the same time, it’s a difficult and time consuming venture to go for a camping trip. So only express-routes over the Crimean Mountains will fit, as they won’t take much time. One of such walking routes is Botkin’s Mountain Pathway.

  • Jags of Ai-Petri
  • The main ridge of the Crieman Mountains consists from yaylas – separate mountain plateaus with hilly surface. One can get to yayla of Ai-Petri (4014 ft.) either by a highway leading from Yalta, or using a cable-car road starting in Miskhor. The jags of Ai-Petri are formed by four huge (39-46 ft.) and a series of small steep peaks, formed of reef limestone.

  • Mount Parus (Sail)
  • Before the ridge Liman-Burun the mount Sail stands out in the sea. It’s depicted on numerous photographs with its shape really reminding a sail filled with the wind.

  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden is a complex scientific and research establishment. It is the most famous and popular park of the Crimean Southern Coast. The Garden combines nature, history, art, and science. Its collection possesses some 30 thousands plants from all over the world. The Garden is located at the Southern coast of Crimea between Nikita village and the Black Sea.

  • Taraktash Mountain Pathway
  • Taraktash mountain pathway was created by members of Yalta department of Crimean Mountain Club under initiative of doctor Vladimir Dmitirev. When you are walking along this pathway, as if along an old street of the 19th or early 20th century, your memory revives images of those citizens of Yalta who used to live here long time ago.

  • Uchan-Su Waterfall
  • Uchan-Su is the highest waterfall of Ukraine. It’s located on elevation of 1279 ft. above the main sea level on the southern mountainside of Ai-Petri and almost 4 miles to the north of Yalta. Height of the waterfall is 323 ft. Beside its name “Uchan-Su”, the waterfall has also other names – “Cresmasto Nero”, “Akyar-Su” or “Akyar-Suu”.

  • Yuauzlar Waterfalls
  • Numerous waterfalls, cascades and rapids are a unique decoration and a great attraction of Botkin’s pathway. Yuauzlar waterfalls are located on a left tributary of river Uchan-Su and represent a spectacular sight during high water.


Города и курорты Крыма

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