South Coast

South Coast

Уникальная природа Крыма


  • Baydar Valley
  • Baydar Valley is a intermountain through in south-western part of the Crimean Peninsula. This place is located in south-eastern part of the area under jurisdiction of Sevastopol City Council. An old road from Chersonesus used to be located in the Valley. Baydar Gate mountain path is located in the southernmost point of the Valley.

  • Botkin’s Mountain Pathway
  • Sometimes you have a strong need for adventures and freshness of a forest. But, at the same time, it’s a difficult and time consuming venture to go for a camping trip. So only express-routes over the Crimean Mountains will fit, as they won’t take much time. One of such walking routes is Botkin’s Mountain Pathway.

  • Cape Sarych
  • Cape Sarych is the southernmost point not only of Sevastopol and Crimea, but also of the entire Ukraine. The headland is formed by a curved slope of Baydar Yayla spur, which is going down to the south and is covered with sparse growths of trees. A navigational lighthouse showing the way to Sevastopol to naval vessels was built on the headland extremity.

  • Diva Cliff
  • Whenever you are in Simeiz, take a look at the Diva Cliff raising above the sea shore. Its outline resembles a girl laying on shore, her hair loose. A Crimean poetic legend is connected with Diva Cliff.

  • Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall
  • Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall is the most full-flowing waterfall of Crimea which appeared due to waters of river Eastern Ulu-Uzen in Khapkhal ravine not far from Generalskoye village in Alushta district. The waterfall has an elevation of 1535 ft. above the main sea level.

  • Dzhurla Waterfall
  • Dzhurla is a series of low cascades located at elevation of 2690 ft. above the mean sea level on Dzhurla stream. The stream is called Sotera River in its lower part, while in its upper part it is named Alaka. This variety in names caused by the fact that the Tatars did not consider rivers as integral entities and rather named an area where a river was located. 

  • Foros Park
  • Park of Foros with its famous Paradise area is one of the main attractions and treasures of Foros town. Six very beautiful artificial lakes located at various levels are all framed with centennial cypresses, yew-trees, cedars, and Judas-trees.

  • Golovkinsky Waterfall
  • Golovkinsky Waterfall is the biggest waterfall in succession of wonderful falls in upper course of Uzen-Bash river. The waterfall is relatively small and becomes full-flowing only in spring time. But it is especially beautiful when observed against background of dark-green cliffs covered with plants.

  • Jags of Ai-Petri
  • The main ridge of the Crieman Mountains consists from yaylas – separate mountain plateaus with hilly surface. One can get to yayla of Ai-Petri (4014 ft.) either by a highway leading from Yalta, or using a cable-car road starting in Miskhor. The jags of Ai-Petri are formed by four huge (39-46 ft.) and a series of small steep peaks, formed of reef limestone.

  • Laspi Bay
  • Laspi Bay is located within area of Sevastopol Region in southern part of the Crimean Peninsula. It is some 19 miles away from center of Sevastopol and 25 miles distant from Yalta. The bay stretches for about 7.5 miles and is located right between Cape Sarych and Cape Aya. Thi are features the finest water conditions on the whole Crimean Southern Coast.

  • Medved’ Gora
  • Medved’ Gora (Mount Bear) or Ayu-Dag is a peak on the Southern Coast of Crimea, which his located on the boundary between the Greater Alushta and the Greater Yalta. Elevation of the mount is 1893 ft. above the main sea level, the mount is somewhat elongated to the north-east – elongation is 1.5 miles. It goes out into the sea for 1.2-1.49 miles. In 1947 Auy-Dag was declared a natural landmark.

  • Mount Koshka
  • Mount Koshka is a rock in the Crimean Mountains not far from townlet of Simeiz. The name of the Mount is derived from the Crimean Tatar ‘Qoş Qaya’. Later this name was re-adjusted by the Russian population – the shape of the Mount resembles a seated cat. Elevation of Mount Koshka is 833 ft.

  • Mount Parus (Sail)
  • Before the ridge Liman-Burun the mount Sail stands out in the sea. It’s depicted on numerous photographs with its shape really reminding a sail filled with the wind.

  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden is a complex scientific and research establishment. It is the most famous and popular park of the Crimean Southern Coast. The Garden combines nature, history, art, and science. Its collection possesses some 30 thousands plants from all over the world. The Garden is located at the Southern coast of Crimea between Nikita village and the Black Sea.

  • Park of Alupka
  • Park of Alupka (otherwise called Vorontsovsky Park) is a marvelous park which constitutes a single ensemble with the Vorontsov Palace. Park of Alupka is located in townlet of Alupka, which is a part of the Greater Yalta.

  • Sauter River Waterfalls
  • Sauter River Valley is a monument of nature and preservation tract on the eastern Southshore. Here, in the process of weathering and water erosion, formed the amazing stone mushrooms.

  • Shaitan-Merdven Pass
  • Shaitan-Merdven Pass offers a spectacular view of the coatline from Cape Sarych, the extreme southern point of the Crimea almost up to Cat Mount.

  • Taraktash Mountain Pathway
  • Taraktash mountain pathway was created by members of Yalta department of Crimean Mountain Club under initiative of doctor Vladimir Dmitirev. When you are walking along this pathway, as if along an old street of the 19th or early 20th century, your memory revives images of those citizens of Yalta who used to live here long time ago.

  • The Lost World
  • The Lost World is the name of a beach not far from Balalklava and Foros, surrounded by impregnable cliffs. If you find yourself in this place, you will find out that there are places on Earth full of dangerous and breath-taking adventures.

  • The Valley of Ghosts
  • The Valley of Ghosts is an area in Crimea, accumulation of quaintly shaped cliffs on western mountainside of Demerdzhi plateau. Such shapes of the cliffs were formed by erosion of the Upper Jurassic conglomerates of Southern Demerdzhi. The Valley of Ghosts is a popular tourist attraction which obtained its today’s name in late 19th century.

  • Uchan-Su Waterfall
  • Uchan-Su is the highest waterfall of Ukraine. It’s located on elevation of 1279 ft. above the main sea level on the southern mountainside of Ai-Petri and almost 4 miles to the north of Yalta. Height of the waterfall is 323 ft. Beside its name “Uchan-Su”, the waterfall has also other names – “Cresmasto Nero”, “Akyar-Su” or “Akyar-Suu”.

  • Yuauzlar Waterfalls
  • Numerous waterfalls, cascades and rapids are a unique decoration and a great attraction of Botkin’s pathway. Yuauzlar waterfalls are located on a left tributary of river Uchan-Su and represent a spectacular sight during high water.


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