Природа. Севастополь

На одной параллели с французским Лионом и итальянским Миланом располагается город-герой Севастополь. Природа Севастополя отличается большей мягкостью климата и меньшим количеством осадков. В Севастополе сходятся все три гряды Крымских гор, поэтому рельеф города и окрестностей причудлив и живописен. 

На землях севастопольских около 33 бухт с собственными звучными названиями - Артиллейрийская бухта, Голубая бухта, Камышовая, Херсонесская, Стрелецкая бухта. 

Мыс Айя и мыс Фиолент расположены в зоне субсредиземноморского климата и являются заповедными зонами со множеством вечнозеленым кустарников и деревьев. 


Природа Андреевка
Природа Балаклава
Природа Инкерман
Природа Кача
Природа Ласпи
Природа Любимовка
Природа Орлиное
Природа Орловка
Природа Передовое
Природа Родниковское
Природа Учкуевка

Уникальная природа Крыма


  • Artillery Bay
  • Shores of Artillery Bay became a place of active construction right since the foundation of Sevastopol. Artillery Bay is located in central part of the city and it derived its name due to artillery magazines and cannon shot stores which appeared on its shores during that time.

  • Blue Bay
  • It got its name from the purity of the water in which from the steep shore the white sand of the bottom looked blue.

  • Cape Aya
  • Cape Aya is the south-western extremity of the Crimean Mountains and a Republcian game reserve. Numerous endemic plants and rare animals all registered in the Red Book can be observed in this marvelous wild site of Crimea.

  • Cape Fiolent
  • Cape Fiolent is a natural landmark located on the western extremity of the Western Crimean Coast, where its narrow land gets even narrower and in southern part of Heraclean Peninsula dominates above the sea precipitously. Harsh, wild cliffs almost 300 ft. high stand in great masses above the sea. Chaotic boulder accumulations, miniature islands and archs were formed in coastal ravines.

  • Maksimov’s Dacha
  • Maksimov’s Dacha is located in Khomutova Gully and represents an estate complex with a landscape park created in late 19th – early 20th cc. by architect Valentin Feldmann. This unique park-museum is a preserve – a complex natural, archeological, historical and landscape park landmark.

  • Naval Port of Sevastopol
  • History of Sevastopol is a reflection of its port’s history. In 1802, Sevastopol was included into Taurida Governorate, and later was declared the main military Black Sea port of the Russian Empire. The city itself, initially designed as military settlement near naval fortress, developed and grew exclusively thanks to its port.


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