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  • Baydar Valley
  • Baydar Valley is a intermountain through in south-western part of the Crimean Peninsula. This place is located in south-eastern part of the area under jurisdiction of Sevastopol City Council. An old road from Chersonesus used to be located in the Valley. Baydar Gate mountain path is located in the southernmost point of the Valley.

  • Cape Sarych
  • Cape Sarych is the southernmost point not only of Sevastopol and Crimea, but also of the entire Ukraine. The headland is formed by a curved slope of Baydar Yayla spur, which is going down to the south and is covered with sparse growths of trees. A navigational lighthouse showing the way to Sevastopol to naval vessels was built on the headland extremity.

  • Foros Park
  • Park of Foros with its famous Paradise area is one of the main attractions and treasures of Foros town. Six very beautiful artificial lakes located at various levels are all framed with centennial cypresses, yew-trees, cedars, and Judas-trees.

  • Shaitan-Merdven Pass
  • Shaitan-Merdven Pass offers a spectacular view of the coatline from Cape Sarych, the extreme southern point of the Crimea almost up to Cat Mount.

  • The Lost World
  • The Lost World is the name of a beach not far from Balalklava and Foros, surrounded by impregnable cliffs. If you find yourself in this place, you will find out that there are places on Earth full of dangerous and breath-taking adventures.


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