New Svet

New Svet

Природа. Новый свет

Природа Нового света славна теплыми бухтами с обилием моллюсков и рыб и кристалльной водой, тут же труднодоступные скалы и глубокие гроты. И можжевеловая роща, один дух которой выгоняет все хвори и грустные мысли! Воистину, недаром место называли "парадиз", что по-французски означает "Рай". Грот Шаляпина, Голицынская тропа, Бухты Голубая, Синяя и Зеленая, Урочище Караул Оба, Мыс Капчик, горы Сокол и Коба-Кая - мелодия этих названий зазвучит еще ярче, когда Вы воочию окажетесь в сказке под названием Новый свет.


Природа Веселое
Природа Судак
Природа Морское
Природа Солнечная долина

Уникальная природа Крыма


  • Cape Kapchik
  • Cape Kapchik is the most memorable landscape element of  Novy Svet. Acutely topped peak of Khoba-Kaya is clearly seen behind the cape and that peak is separated from Kapchik by Sinyaya (“Blue”) Bay. One can get to Cape Kapchik going along a pathway . Cape Kapchik is quaintly curved and protrudes into the sea for several several hundred yards.

  • Chaliapin’s Grotto
  • An outstanding grotto with a centennial history is called nowadays Chaliapin’s Grotto. The Grotto’s name is connected with a visit by the famous singer Feodor Chaliapin. He liked to stay on visits to his friend, a count, and could not but pay attention to the Grotto. It is told that Chaliapin performed concerts in the Grotto.

  • Golitsin’s Path
  • Golitsin’s Path is known for its unique natural caves. In one of them there were kept bottles of wine, which Prince Golitsyn entertained the guests. There is an excellent acoustics in the grotto, great Chaliapin sang here. That’s why there are two names for the grotto, some call it Golytsinskiy, and other Chaliapin.

  • Karaul-Oba Natural Landmark
  • Mount Karaul-Oba guards from the west bays and juniper growths of Novy Svet. After you have ascended to its top and have looked around, you will surely understand why the Mount is called that way: from its top the whole coastline from Cape Meganom to Mount Ayu-Dag. Cape Karaul-Oba is called one of the world’s seven geological wonders.


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