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  • Baydar Valley
  • Baydar Valley is a intermountain through in south-western part of the Crimean Peninsula. This place is located in south-eastern part of the area under jurisdiction of Sevastopol City Council. An old road from Chersonesus used to be located in the Valley. Baydar Gate mountain path is located in the southernmost point of the Valley.

  • Botkin’s Mountain Pathway
  • Sometimes you have a strong need for adventures and freshness of a forest. But, at the same time, it’s a difficult and time consuming venture to go for a camping trip. So only express-routes over the Crimean Mountains will fit, as they won’t take much time. One of such walking routes is Botkin’s Mountain Pathway.

  • Chatyr-Dag mountain range
  • Chatyr-Dag mountain range (mountain pasture and caves) is a monument of nature and Crimean preserve.

  • Chelter-Marmara Monastery
  • The Chelter-Marmara cave monastery is located at a mile’s distance from the town of Ternovka. Its premises are cut in the Chelter-Kaya rock The most famous sight of this monastery is a huge hall with 5 big columns supporting the stone vault. The eastern part of this grotto is a church in which the altar base with a relics niche is still visible.

  • Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall
  • Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall is the most full-flowing waterfall of Crimea which appeared due to waters of river Eastern Ulu-Uzen in Khapkhal ravine not far from Generalskoye village in Alushta district. The waterfall has an elevation of 1535 ft. above the main sea level.

  • Eski-Kermen
  • Eski-Kermen is a medieval fortress town in the southwest of Crimean peninsula, 9 miles to the south of Bakhchisaray and 3 miles to the northwest of the ruins of Mangup-Kale. “Eski-Kermen” means “the old fortress” in the language of the Crimean Tatars. Among the cave settlements of Crimea it is second only to Chufut-Kale in the number of visitors.

  • Golovkinsky Waterfall
  • Golovkinsky Waterfall is the biggest waterfall in succession of wonderful falls in upper course of Uzen-Bash river. The waterfall is relatively small and becomes full-flowing only in spring time. But it is especially beautiful when observed against background of dark-green cliffs covered with plants.

  • Grand Canyon of Crimea
  • The Grand Canyon of Crimea is one of the peninsula’s natural wonders, an amazing creation of nature. It represents a deep mountain gorge which pierced into Ai-Petri massif for 1.9 mile.

  • Kachi-Kalyon (Qaçi Kalyon)
  • The Kachi-Kalyon rock is one of the spurs of the inner ridge of the Crimean mountains, five miles to the south of Bakhchisaray. While there is no reliable information about the origin of its name, it is commonly believed to mean “cross ship”. People with vivid imagination can see something like a huge cross formed by natural cracks on the surface of the rock.

  • Kara-Dag State Reserve
  • Kara-Dag State Reserve is a state reserve in Ukraine in south-eastern part of Crimea. The reserve occupies area of volcanic massif Kara-Dag. The main goals of its work are to study variety of biological life and to monitor land and water ecosystems.

  • Mangup-Kale
  • Mangup-Kale is a medieval fortress city in Bakhchisaray district. Originally the capital of the Theodoro Principality (a Christian state), it later became a Turkish fortress. Mangup is located on top of a residual mountain, up to 984 ft. higher than the valleys around it. Its plateau has an area over 220 acres. There are numerous springs in the territory of the fortress.

  • Massif Boika
  • One of the natural fortresses is a mountain range Boiko, lying above the village Sokolinoe. You'll fall in love with Boiko for wildness of its woods with unimaginably bent trunks of beeches and hornbeams, for a charm of its meadows and attractive beauty of mountain tops, for shabby and its thrown tracks and roads.

  • Medved’ Gora
  • Medved’ Gora (Mount Bear) or Ayu-Dag is a peak on the Southern Coast of Crimea, which his located on the boundary between the Greater Alushta and the Greater Yalta. Elevation of the mount is 1893 ft. above the main sea level, the mount is somewhat elongated to the north-east – elongation is 1.5 miles. It goes out into the sea for 1.2-1.49 miles. In 1947 Auy-Dag was declared a natural landmark.

  • Tepe-Kermen
  • Tepe-Kermen is an archaeological monument of the 6th-14th centuries AD and one of the biggest cave settlements of Crimea. It is located south-west of Bakhchisaray. Tepe-Kermen is an isolated residual mountain with a flat top. The surface of the plateau totals 2,5 acres. Because of its regular truncated cone shape this mountain is put down in the Crimea book of records.

  • The Belbek Valley
  • The Belbek river is the most full-flowing river in Crimea. The Belbek river is born at the junction of the Ozenbash and Managotra rivers that steam down the north-west slopes of the Main ridge of the Crimean mountains.  At the intersection with the inner ridge of the Crimean mountains, close to the town of Maloye Sadovoye, the river is considerably narrowed, forming the so-called Belbek canyon.

  • The Monastery of St. Theodore Stratelates (The Chelter-Koba Monastery)
  • Chelter-Koba is one of the cave monasteries in the Bakhchisaray district of Crimea. It is located in the valley of Belbek river, about half a mile from the town of Bolshoye Sadovoye (Tash-Basty). In the Crimean Tatar language “Chelter-Koba” means “lattice cave”.

  • The Temple of the Donators
  • The Temple of Donators is one of the most interesting and hard to reach sights of the Crimea. It would not be easy to find it in the mountains of Eski-Kermen. It is a small cave church painted with frescoes. In the past centuries it used to be the place of refuge for the monks.
  • The Valley of Ghosts
  • The Valley of Ghosts is an area in Crimea, accumulation of quaintly shaped cliffs on western mountainside of Demerdzhi plateau. Such shapes of the cliffs were formed by erosion of the Upper Jurassic conglomerates of Southern Demerdzhi. The Valley of Ghosts is a popular tourist attraction which obtained its today’s name in late 19th century.

  • Tower Kiz-Kul
  • Tower Kiz-Kul is located next to the cave town Eski-Kerman and is also known by the romantic name "Maiden Tower". It leads to a steep slope, which is breathtaking. On the tower many legends are, but in fact it is only the balance of the castle Kiz-Kul, who was a defensive structure.

  • Visor Waterfall
  • Visor Waterfall can be referred to the so-called ephemeral waterfalls.

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