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  • Laspi Bay
  • Laspi Bay is located within area of Sevastopol Region in southern part of the Crimean Peninsula. It is some 19 miles away from center of Sevastopol and 25 miles distant from Yalta. The bay stretches for about 7.5 miles and is located right between Cape Sarych and Cape Aya. Thi are features the finest water conditions on the whole Crimean Southern Coast.

  • Laspi Cliffs
  • Cliffs of Laspi have been a natural landmark since 1969 and a reserve area since 1980. For lots of sunny days, heat and drought-resistant plants growing here, these places obtained an unofficial name of “the Crimean Africa”. Laspi Cliffs are a unique place where Crimean orchids grow.

  • Laspi Mountain Pass
  • Laspi Mountain Pass is a mountain pass in the Crimean Mountains and the highest elevation point on highway Sevastopol-Yalta. The pass is located 765 yards to the north of Laspi Bay. A massive robust cliff named after locating engineer Nikolai Garin-Mikhailovsky is located on the pass where an observation platform is built, from where a wonderful sights of Batiliman and Laspi Bays and Cape Aya are unveiled.


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