Природа. Алушта

Красота природы Алушты  хорошо известна даже тем, кто ни разу не отдыхал здесь. Все благодаря любимым советским фильмам "Кавказская пленница", "Корабли штурмуют бастионы", "Сердца трех" и другим кинолентам, отобразившим великолепие горных пейзажей. 

Большая Алушта окружена широким кольцом природных достопримечательностей. Ущелье Хапхал, горный массив Чатыр-даг, Долина Привидений, горы Демерджи, Ангарский перевал, Роман-Кош, долина реки Сотеры - вот далеко не полный список. 

Сосредоточенно журчат в окрестностях водопады ГоловкинскогоДжур-ДжурДжурла, Алаки.

Уникальная природа Крыма


  • Chatyr-Dag mountain range
  • Chatyr-Dag mountain range (mountain pasture and caves) is a monument of nature and Crimean preserve.

  • Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall
  • Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall is the most full-flowing waterfall of Crimea which appeared due to waters of river Eastern Ulu-Uzen in Khapkhal ravine not far from Generalskoye village in Alushta district. The waterfall has an elevation of 1535 ft. above the main sea level.

  • Dzhurla Waterfall
  • Dzhurla is a series of low cascades located at elevation of 2690 ft. above the mean sea level on Dzhurla stream. The stream is called Sotera River in its lower part, while in its upper part it is named Alaka. This variety in names caused by the fact that the Tatars did not consider rivers as integral entities and rather named an area where a river was located. 

  • Golovkinsky Waterfall
  • Golovkinsky Waterfall is the biggest waterfall in succession of wonderful falls in upper course of Uzen-Bash river. The waterfall is relatively small and becomes full-flowing only in spring time. But it is especially beautiful when observed against background of dark-green cliffs covered with plants.

  • Sauter River Waterfalls
  • Sauter River Valley is a monument of nature and preservation tract on the eastern Southshore. Here, in the process of weathering and water erosion, formed the amazing stone mushrooms.

  • The Valley of Ghosts
  • The Valley of Ghosts is an area in Crimea, accumulation of quaintly shaped cliffs on western mountainside of Demerdzhi plateau. Such shapes of the cliffs were formed by erosion of the Upper Jurassic conglomerates of Southern Demerdzhi. The Valley of Ghosts is a popular tourist attraction which obtained its today’s name in late 19th century.


Города и курорты Крыма

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